Broken Belt Ride

In March 2013, ROWA set of to have an overnighter in Albany.

Unfortunatly we would never make it.

40 km's from Mount Barker and 300 km's from home, my final drive belt snapped.

So now standing on the side of the Albany Highway in the pouring rain, I started making arrangements ti get the bike and myself back to Perth while the rest of the crew continued on.

The rest of the crew were not allowing that. They refused to leave me there because we started together, they wanted us to finish together.

Fortunately, I still had the original chain and sprockets in my shed at home. So my wife and step father loaded the car up and headed down to meet us.

2 of the crew went on ahead to find somewhere for us to do the repair safely while I arranged a tow truck to get my bike there.

They met the wonderful people at the Mount Barker Caravan Park who allowed us to turn their camp kitchen into a makeshift workshop for the night, where we stayed up until 2am the next morning making the repair.

The next day we headed home and finished the ride together.

This ride became the symbol of everything that ROWA is about and up holds our number 1 rule - NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND!

In recognition of this we now hold the Broken Belt ride in March every year.

We head back to stay with the awesome people at the Mount Barker Caravan Park and have some fun and laughs.



2 years later, on the 2015 BBR we decided that we should actually finish what we started and we did make it to Albany. Even if it was only for a coffee!


In 2019 we had our largest BBR turnout to date!